Sand Weigh System


Autonomously Weighs & Records Sand Discharge by Well

The mWeigh system is a unique apparatus that autonomously weighs the sand discharged by the well.  A mesh screen holds the sand for a dynamic retention time, allowing water to drain through, giving you an optimum weight reading.  A hydraulic ram pulls the screen and is paired with a wiper blade that cleans the screen after every dump.  The weight is then written to a NAM Telemetry Package (or SCADA) that is recorded in real-time and can be viewed from any device, allowing you to know the sand volume produced from each individual well on a pad.


What are the benefits?

  • Independently records sand production of up to four wells 
  • Eliminates personnel from red zone
  • Accurate and consistent weight is recorded and can be viewed instantly
  • Charts the weight in real time by well
  • Provides precise timing of when equipment can be released 
  • Pairs with mSand & MMS;  Records weight by well or individual separator
  • Ties in with NAM Telemetry or SCADA (Modbus RS485) comes standard
  • Real time telemetry data


Main panel dimensions600 x 800 x 1700 mm
General Structure dimensions2930 x 1700 x 800 mm
Adjustable With structureMin: 1700 mm

Max: 2865 mm

General supply voltage115VAC / 230VAC - 50Hz / 60Hz
Consumption (Standard operation)50w
External communicationModbus serial RS-485
Internal communicationModbus serial RS-485
Operating temperature-20°C to 60°C


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