Quarter-Turn Hydraulic Actuator


Operational solution to actuate any quarter-turn hydraulically actuated valve, including but not limited to: plug valves, ball valves, and butterfly valves. NAM’s Quarter-turn Hydraulic Actuator (HA-NAM) is applicable to an abundance of oilfield operations and/or piping applications. The hydraulic actuator may be operated remotely with a NAM control panel and telemetry package transmitting real-time data or SCADA.


HA-NAM is offered as a fully-autonomous valve actuation application when paired with our control panel. The system is a simple set up on a pad, and it is configured all from a push of a button on the panel or remotely. HA-NAM reduces operational costs and ensures safety reliability all while conducting the actuation process most efficiently.


What are the benefits?

  • Double-acting system
  • Improves operational efficiency and reduces non-productive time
  • Intrinsically Safe/Explosion-proof system
  • Removes personnel from having to be in the red zone
  • Actuator is compatible for different valve configurations (one-size-fits all assembly)
  • Sensor ready
  • Lightweight compact design ~30 lbs
Hydraulic Actuator (HA-NAM)


Exit Torque2000 Nm
Rotation± 1°
Working Pressure2500 PSI
Weight20 Kg
Temperature Range-20°C to 80°C

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