Rod Rotation Sensing Device

Rod rotators reduce the rate of mechanical sucker rod failure due to wear, except when they fail.

  • Real-time monitoring of the rod rotator
  • Simple install without any disassembly of the current setup
  • Connect 4 mRod sensors rotators to a single panel
  • Transmit sensor output to on-site SCADA
  • Intrinsically safe sensor
  • Independent of the pump controller
  • Retrofit to most common rod rotators
mRod Rod Rotation Sensing Device

By installing the mRod sensor to monitor rod rotator health, operators can monitor the rod rotator operation in real-time. Integrating with on-site SCADA allows complete confidence that the rod rotators are functioning via remote monitoring. The system prevents false positives where the rod is only being partially turned using a unique sensor arrangement. Thanks to its compact and flexible design, it integrates seamlessly with most common rod rotators. The sensor is monitored by a custom-designed microprocessor panel (C-Dyn) to interpret the sensor output and communicate the mRod status to on-site SCADA.


Power110 VCA
Suitable for Hazardous LocationIntrinsically Safe
Temperature Range-40°C to +80°C (-40°F to 175°FC)
Weight0.5 Kg

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