Master Manifold System

US 11,851,481


Independently dumps up to (4) sand separators

MMS allows for the user to control and monitor the sand dumping process for multiple wells using a single manifold when paired with a North American Automation mSand. The system permits the user to monitor the operations in real-time and adjusts certain parameters remotely through NAM telemetry package.



Main panel dimensions1700 x 610 x 800mm
Panel dimensions per stack1000 x 610 x 800mm
General supply voltage115VAC / 230VAC - 50Hz / 60Hz
Consumption (standard model with 4 pads)90w
External communicationModbus TCP-IP RJ45
Internal communicationModbus serial RS-485
Operating temperature-20°C to 60°C
Number of valves or pressures per module4

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