Double Acting 1/4 Turn Hydraulic Actuator

The HA-1000 actuator has a unique patent-pending piston that rotates a ¼ turn, translating the linear movement into a rotary motion with an impressive 1000 Nm of torque from a compact package.

*2000 Nm version is also available.

HA-1000 Double Acting ¼ Turn Hydraulic Actuator


Output Tourque100 Nm (740 ft-lb)
Output Tourque1000 Nm (740 ft-lb)
Rotation90° +1°
Working Pressure200 to 800 PSI
Operating Temperature-40°C to +80°C (-40°F to 175°FC)
Fluid Capacity0.70 lts (0.18 US Gal)
Hydraulic OilFor low temperature applications-40° C AEROSHELL FLUID 41
For normal operating temperatures above-10° C Use ATF
Integrated position sensor. (Optional)Suitable for Haz Loc (Zone 1, Div. 1)
Intrinsically safe option: inductive M12 + barrier
Explosion-proof option: M12 Ex Sensor


HA-1000 Dimensions

Dimensions (mm)


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