North American Automation is pleased to announce that we are ESG-friendly with our variety of oilfield products.

We are focused on sustainability and strive to work in accordance with the Environmental, Social, and Governance body.

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Eager to eliminate hazardous situations, we have developed processes to autonomize common oilfield practices. For instance, our “mSand” system no longer requires personnel to be on-site overseeing sand dumping operations during flowback on a wellsite. Instead, this activity may be viewed digitally in a safe manner. We continue to take the appropriate steps to ensure a sustainable outlook for the oil and gas industry as we continue to develop and explore new processes toward a cleaner and economically more feasible environment for the future of oil and gas.

The new format for ESG accordance has become a standard of its own and North American Automation intends to stay at the forefront of these common practices. From limiting the number of personnel, to monitoring wellsite pressures with the use of real-time data acquisition, NAM has maintained consistency with all product development when executing these applications. Identifying leaks through real-time pressure monitoring has allowed for product safety and customer satisfaction given our advanced systems. North American Automation will continue to lead in the automation sector when deploying new technology to ensure a safer and more sustainable environment. We are pleased with our evolvement within the industry and will continue to pioneer in the mainstream ESG governing body.


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