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Predict Failure Before it Occurs

Reducing OPEX with Smarter Systems

Edge Computing Utilization

Technology for a Safer Tomorrow

Move Beyond Big Data Gathering Systems to a New World of Optimization Opportunities with Edge Computing Driving Autonomous Systems


At North American Automation, we are committed to partnering with customers to ensure they achieve their mission by providing affordable, innovative solutions throughout our range of products.

Our commitment is to provide quality, forward-looking products and reliable service to ensure a successful long-term partnership with our customers.

Safe & Secure

We are focused on the operational integrity of our systems. Our team specializes in automation that reduces the risk of failure with an emphasis on preventing accidental or unnecessary discharge to the environment. The design allows low maintenance cycles, condition-based monitoring, and conditional exception reporting to enable field teams to focus on real issues that interrupt production. Any downtime has a tremendous cost involved, so our goal is to identify solutions that cost-effectively minimize downtime while maintaining operational integrity.

We make automated systems for people just like you that are ready to take automation to the next level.